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Cookie Policy

Last updated: April 10, 2019
  • Summary

  • ·Used Cookies: First and Third party.
    ·Are they used to get stats? Yes, the lawful basis being our legitimate interest in performing a better management of the Service.
    ·Third party services that install cookies through this site: : Google, Google Analytics and Tripadvisor.

  • How to configure and disable cookies

  • You can allow, block or delete the installed cookies in your device through your web browser. If you do not allow the installation of cookies in your device, the experience of using the site could get worse. In any case, here you can find how to configure the cookies on every browser:

    ·Google Chrome
    ·Google Android
    ·Internet Explorer 8
    ·Internet Explorer 9
    ·Internet Explorer 11
    ·Mozilla Firefox
    ·Safari Mobile

  • 1. Types and Uses

    • The service uses first and third party cookies to improve the navigation, provide the service and get statistics about the use of the site.

  • 2. What is a cookie and what use can it serve for?

    • A cookie is a text file that your browser sends to your computer, smartphone or tablet. It can be used to store and recover information about the browsing done by the user. For example, they can be used to remember your username and password, as well as the language that you prefer for the website.

  • 3. What types of cookies are there?

    • According to who is processing the cookies:

      ·First party: the cookies are sended to your browser from our servers or web domains.
      ·Third party: the cookies are sended to your browser from a server or web domain that we do not manage directly, being instead a third party the one who processes it, such as Google.

    • According to the time the cookies are active:

      ·Session cookies: in this case, the cookies are in your browser history until you leave the website, so no cookie stays in the device.
      ·Persistent Cookies: in this case, the cookies stay in your device and our website reads them every time that you visit it again. These cookies stop working once a specific date goes by.

    • According to the use of the cookies:

      ·Technical cookies: these cookies improve the navigation and the performance of the website.
      ·Customization cookies: these cookies allow you to access the service with predefined features according to some specific criterion.
      ·Analytics cookies: these cookies make it possible to measure and analyze the use of the provided service..

  • 4. Cookies used by Lanchas Ibiza:

  • Name Origin Use Type Exp. Date
    NID Technical (segmentation / advertising) Third 6 month
    PMC Technical (segmentation / advertising) Third 2 years
    SRT Unknown Third N/A
    ServerPool Technical (segmentation / advertising) Third N/A
    TACds Technical (segmentation / advertising) Third N/A
    TART Unknown Third 5 days
    TASSK Technical (segmentation / advertising) Third 6 month
    TASession Technical (segmentation / advertising) Third N/A
    TATravelInfo Unknown Third 14 days
    TAUD Technical (segmentation / advertising) Third 14 days
    TAUnique Technical (segmentation / advertising) Third 2 years
    _ga Analytics (performance) First 2 years
    _gid Analytics (functionality) First 1 day
    _gat Analytics (performance) First Session
    sa_dmp_synced Technical (segmentation / advertising) Third 1 month
    st_browser_id Technical (segmentation / advertising) Third 1 year y 1 month
    displayCookieNotice Technical Third 1 year
  • 5. Third party cookies used by Lanchas Ibiza::

  • ·Google: This cookie (NID) allows you to customize how ads appear outside of Google or store information as the preferred language when displaying search results.
    ·More information: about the types of cookies used by Google in its multiple services.
    ·Google Analytics: These cookies (such as _ga,) allow you to count how many timonth a user visits a website, how, when and from where. In any case, you can disable Google Analytics cookies from here.
    ·Tripadvisor: These cookies (such as TASSK or TAUD) are used to track visitors on websites to create a search profile and browsing history.

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